Savings & Investments: Things To Know

Actively putting money aside to save for the future, or to help on a rainy day, is something everyone should be doing. 

But when it comes to the best way in which to do this, you’re often faced with a few choices. And these can differ depending on your income, your individual circumstances and your own personal attitude to risk. 

When it comes to savings and investments, there are various different types and each one has a different structure and tax treatment, as well as varying implications for you, as the investor. If you’re carrying out research of your own on the subject, you are likely to come across Stocks & Shares ISAs, Cash ISAs, Deposit accounts, Gilts, Insurance Bonds, Endowments, Annuities, Unit Trusts, Investment Trusts, and many more.

More about savings

Speaking of savings, this essentially means putting your money away somewhere specific on a regular basis. The upside is that you can access it easily when it’s needed and you know it’s going to stay safe. Whilst your risk is significantly less than an investment, it does also mean that interest rates are lower.

We can advise on the best way to save to meet your individual needs and guide you on potential Banks, Savings Accounts, NS&I and Cash ISAs, allowing you to make an informed decision on which solution suits you best.

More about investments

On the subject of investments, you are more willing to take risks and therefore, the chances of receiving a bigger return are higher. 

Whilst we’d all love a solution that offers low risk and high returns, unfortunately, the two don’t always come as a package deal. The best way to decide which solution works best for you is by setting out your investment aims and assessing your attitude towards risk.

As advisers we discuss the situation with you, reviewing your unique circumstances, then recommend and manage investments which are related to the risk you are willing to take.

Words from financial adviser, Ben

You’ve heard the old saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket?” Well, when it comes to finances, this means never put all your money on one product or investment. My best piece of investment advice is to devise a plan and stick to it – balance your investments by splitting your money and making sure it is in different products which are a combination of both low and high risk investment.

There are many different ways to save for the future and, of course, no one’s situation is exactly the same as the next person. Because of this, we always take time to get to know you and your situation thoroughly, before offering any advice. We will sit down together with you, ask a variety of questions and be guided by your preferences in order to determine which solutions will work best for your specific savings and investment needs. 

We are delighted to be celebrating our 30th year in business and, over the years, we have worked with many clients, learning their situations and asking questions in order to provide a thorough insight into which savings and investment solutions would be best suited to their individual financial situation. 

Whilst we are based in Shropshire, we are able to offer savings and investment advice to clients across Shrewsbury, Telford, Powys, Herefordshire and Staffordshire.
Our knowledge and expertise of the savings and investments market, together with our passion for sustainable investing, means that both myself and Hannah would love the opportunity to assist with your specific needs. Please feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to chat through your situation.