We were first introduced to Ben many years ago, since when we have been through quite a few difficult financial times and crises.  Our investment pot has never ceased to increase.

We liken him to an expert gardener – he took our pot of money and invested it where he thought it would flourish and grow.  As soon as anything weakened, it was transplanted and put in a place where it strengthened and grew.  This he achieved with his avid studies of the fluctuating markets, and many years of experience.

About two years ago, Ben was looking for someone to join him in his business, and daughter Hannah decided to have a career change and join her father.  She has taken to financial advising like a duck to water and they now make a great team.  Hannah is very much inclined towards the environmentally friendly, green companies, thus helping to future proof the business.

Both Ben and Hannah are so friendly and open, and very aware of their clients’ needs and wishes, and approach to risk taking. We cannot praise them highly enough. Also, the next generation of our family is investing with them, and you cannot have a better recommendation than that.

We really look forward to their visits, and as has been mentioned by others, always make sure there is a plentiful supply of biscuits and cake!

Thank you Ben and Hannah, we really do appreciate all your efforts on our behalf.

Mr & Mrs H (Retired Couple), Telford

In the 15 years of taking Ben’s advice we have benefited enormously from his experience and considered approach to our financial affairs. Indeed, while markets fluctuated and crashed over the Covid-19 pandemic, thanks to Ben and Hannah’s careful planning, our pension funds held their value and, in some funds, actually increased in value.

Though the relationship has been based on great professionalism, we now count both Ben and Hannah as our friends as much as our financial advisors. What else can one say after a lifelong career in the publishing business?

Mr and Mr K (Retired Couple), South Shropshire

My wife and I first met Ben Walters in 2001. Having already experienced the High Street Bank’s own advisors, we were less than impressed with their services and approached our first meeting with Portland with not a little scepticism. How wrong we were. From the outset, the advice that Ben gave was exemplary and made much sense. His advice always reflects our cautious outlook on the financial world. That, I am sure, is his strength, in tailoring his advice to suit his clients’ perceived needs.

Mr P.C., Hadnall

Ben has a genuine interest in assisting us, an in-depth knowledge, plus the personal touch.

Ms K.R. Stafford

I have been investing with Ben for 12 years.  He was introduced to me by friends, after the unexpected death of my husband, as someone who was completely trustworthy.

Quite honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without Ben – as well as the shock of losing my husband, I had the added complication of never having paid a bill myself!  I was clueless about investments.  Ben was able to talk me through my options, he spent a lot of time ensuring I was happy about choices and explaining the differences and workings of various types of investments. Ben has continued over the years to manage my investments – he is completely honest and ‘up front’” about any commissions he earns.  He is always at the other end of the ‘phone when I have any questions, whether related to investments or not, giving advice about banking, tax and anything else I care to ask.  He is un-patronising, down to earth and just a lovely man.

Mrs J.C. Shrawardine

I am very grateful to the people at Portland who understand the pension minefield and helped me with the very complicated process when I decided to retire early due to ill health. The reward was someone who knows what it’s all about and is very professional but caring.

Mr I.

I like to think I’m not stupid, but until I met Ben I really had no idea what was going on with the various pensions I had accrued over the years. Ben has helped me get a grasp on my finances and move money from poor-performing funds into much better investments.

His help has also been invaluable helping me support my elderly mother when she was widowed 8 years ago and left with a relatively large amount of money to manage. Like many women of that generation she had always left the finances to my father and hadn’t a clue where to start.

Ben’s advice has meant we’ve been able to generate an income for her from the investments that allow her to live comfortably whilst at the same time protecting the value of the capital which may be needed to fund care facilities in the future.

Ms A J, Shrewsbury

Prior to meeting Ben we dealt with our Bank who stitched us up. We were then introduced to Ben 12 years ago and have been very happy. We have found him honest, fair, friendly and upfront. We trust him and feel very safe and at ease in his hands.

Mr T.C. (Businessman), Westbury

One of the best phone calls I have ever made was to Ben of Portland Financial. I was considering early retirement. He did absolutely everything for me. He got me the best deals with my pension companies and then advised me how to invest some of my lump sum. He is a true gent and I trust him one hundred percent. Would I recommend him? DEFINITELY.

Mr E.B

In order to retire early my HR Department gave me Ben’s details, and after talking to some of my colleagues I decided to take his advice. Ben visited my home and sorted through my various pensions accrued over 40 years. Following his help I have now retired with more pension income than I had expected.

Mr P.J, Staffordshire

Ben has been our financial advisor for several years and his advice and management of our investments has been superb. We love his open honesty and clear explanations regarding our financial future.

Mr & Mrs S, Little Ness

I have known Ben for 6 years and over this time he has been providing me with the best financial advice I could ask for, including regular updates.

Ms C. A

Over many years of receiving sound investment advice from Portland Financial, working with Ben Walters is like sharing information between good friends.

Mr R. K

We have known Ben Walters since he started his business. He was recommended to my late mother-in-law by our then family solicitor and we have used his services ever since. We have always found him to be reliable, trustworthy and approachable. We now class him as a friend.

Mr D L

Following an introduction by my company’s HR Department, my wife and I were very pleased with Ben’s help and advice. All done in a friendly and professional way, he’s to be recommended for his good open honest advice.

Mr K. B, Stoke-on-Trent