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Later Life Planning

As Benjamin Franklin famously said, there are only two certainties in life: death and taxes.

So, when you’ve worked hard all your life to build up a nest-egg to pass on to your children, it can be hard to see it being eaten away by care fees. That's why making the right financial choices in your 60s and 70s can help you and your family when you reach your 70s and 80s.

Working closely with you, your family members and your solicitor, we can help you make these all-important decisions together, so you have the necessary measures in place to ensure a comfortable retirement, whilst at the same time protecting your family's inheritance. We’ll advise you on what you are entitled to from your Local Authority and when you will need to make provision for yourself; and we’ll explain your options for funding via Care Fee Annuities, Equity Release or through investment portfolio income.

It’s a subject that none of us like to think about, but please do get in touch if you require advice on later life planning. We'll work hand in hand with your family, or your solicitor, to tailor the best solution for your specific needs. Get in touch today.

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