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Saving & Investments

We regularly provide our clients with both savings and investments advice. The main types of savings are Instant Access, Cash ISAs, Notice and Fixed Term accounts, and National Savings (NS&I). There is one organisation that offers a £1 million Investor Protection Scheme.
We’ll ask a variety of questions, so we can ascertain which is best for you.

Key Questions

  1. Are either you or your spouse a non-taxpayer?
  2. Have you ever transferred a Cash ISA?      
  3. Would you be prepared to change your bank or savings accounts for a better return?
  4. Have you used all the tax-free savings allowances available?
  5. Where can I put my savings so they benefit from more than the FSCS £85,000 Investor Protection?

Advice On Where To Invest

With investments you are generally putting money away for the longer term (minimum 5 years) usually in schemes or funds based on the stock market.  Here we will advise you on where to invest and match the investment with your own personal attitude to risk. We’ll also advise on what is called the ‘tax wrapper’, for example an investment in an ISA that are held on a platform or with a provider. Sustainable investing is becoming an increasingly common discussion related to investments and an area we feel strongly about.

The value of investments can rise and fall so you may not get back what you initially invested, but we’ll keep you informed on how your savings and Investments are doing with our review service we offer our clients.

If you're looking for saving and investment advice, throughout Shrewsbury, Shropshire and the Midlands contact us today.

Sustainable Investing

Are you interested in Sustainable investing? Do you want an investment that has a positive effect on the world and that is also financially rewarding?

As advisers both Ben and Hannah feel investing in sustainable funds can lead to a positive effect in the world we live in, protecting it for future generations whilst it can provide financial rewards. 

This is a sector of investing that has been around along time but has seen particular growth in the last decade, partly down to “The Attenborough effect”. From an investor perspective, we have noticed our clients becoming more engaged in this topic and want to know where their money is invested and what it is used for.

 There are multiple words to describe this class of investing – “Sustainable” “Green” “Ethical” “ESG” but what does it mean?  As an industry, we have sought to clarify the confusion of the definitions and as a rule, this class is defined as Environmental Social and Governance (ESG). In short, it is a way to analyse a company’s behaviour related to their impact on society and the environment they live in. Some examples of this are how companies deal with waste management and recycling, how companies deal with gender equality or consumer rights and finally how companies are managed in relation to ownership or business ethics. We at Portland classify it as Sustainable Investing for ease of discussing and explaining it with clients. 

Please contact us if you wish to discuss more.

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