How to make your pension savings deliver more

Pension savings are a key element of planning for your retirement and it is vital that you keep track of your pension contribution, especially if you have set up a personal pension pot. By keeping track of your pension you can make sure that everything is in order and that you are getting the best return available.

All too often people don’t look at their pensions for several years or until they are nearing retirement and can end up with multiple pensions from different companies meaning it can become difficult to manage them. In many cases the original pension provider may no longer be in business, which can make it hard to track what is happening with your money. In this situation you are disadvantaged as a customer because your pension contribution is not being properly looked after. The FCA is advising that people in this situation should seek advice on what to do with their pension contribution. Roughly one in three people have got an old pension that they have lost track of.

At Portland Financial Planning, we are experts when it comes to reviewing your current pension portfolio and we can offer sound financial advice to give you the best return, and more importantly, peace of mind. As accredited independent financial advisers we can ensure that you have control of your pension money.

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